Man In Red Bandana presents a unique opportunity for students and athletes of all ages to be inspired to make a positive difference in the world.   It will allow them to learn history while be engaged, teach high moral values without being lectured, and enjoy the screening while providing lessons that will last a lifetime.

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Hundreds of teachers and coaches throughout the country use Welles' story as vehicle to teach courage, morality and selflessness through curricula, books, etc.   Our film provides it in one engaging, 80-minute format.  We are sure that you will agree that this is a special, must-see film for all young adults.

So why have so teachers, coaches and community leaders used Welles Crowther's heroic story to teach?  The answer lies in the amazing story depicted in our film, Man In Red Bandana.   Welles is a nationally-recognized and honored American hero who at the age of 24 displayed remarkable leadership, courage and selflessness.

Welles worked on the 104th floor of the South Tower and, after his building was hit on 9/11, died in the collapse of his building.  His heroics remarkably became known 8 months later as a result of an ordinary object ... a red bandana.  It was learned that he saved, at least, 10 people, including carrying a woman down 17 flights of stairs on his back!  Our film accurately depicts Welles' story while sharing the big picture events of 9/11.

Because our younger generation did not live through the 9/11 experience, it is critical for them to see and learn about these events.  In fact, the world in which the live has changed as a direct result of this tragedy heightening the need for them to learn about it.

Using Welles' story as a vehicle to engage and educate, young adults will be gripped and inspired.

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"Every teacher thanked me for setting this up.  I was applauded [at Back To School Night] for taking on this project and sharing it with the entire school.  Parents came up and thanked me."  Kathy Connon - Scarsdale Middle School.

"A fine tribute to Welles, as well as the 9/11 legacy overall. Very moving, emotional, uplifting and captivating."  Kuljit Singh, Asst Principal, Robert H. Goddard Middle School, Queens, NY

"A compelling story of selfless, courage and sacrifice and our students were deeply moved."  Robert Rosenboom, Chairperson, Roslyn Public Schools, Roslyn, NY


Man In Red Bandana (80 minutes, PG13), award-winning film that is guaranteed to engage, educate and inspire.

Man In Red Bandana (80 minutes, PG13), award-winning film that is guaranteed to engage, educate and inspire.