Lyle Lovett Records Song For “Man In Red Bandana”

Super talented Lyle Lovett recorded a song about Welles entitled “One Red Bandana” and graciously granted us permission to use it in our film. We couldn’t have done this without the help of Kevin McKiernan and his team at Creative License.

This original song was written by Nashville recording artist Stive Linek following 9/11. Stive wrote and sent it to the Crowthers in an effort to ease the pain of their loss. Lyle and his band have put together a terrific arrangement of this special song and we cannot say enough nice things about him.


Below are the lyrics to “One Red Banana”.

One red bandana and an eight year old smile
He got them from his daddy and he kept them all his life
Adventurous and eager a top athlete in high school
Nineteen was his number a real player win or lose
Like a fearless leader he fought for his team to win
Got knocked down but he got right back up again

He followed the lead of his mom and dad
Don’t ever surrender give all that you have
His heart believed in what he saw in their eyes
Have no fear and follow me

On a New York Tuesday morning under clear September skies
The World Trade Towers were burning
Their were victims trapped inside
At the scene was the young man and he wore upon his face
That one red bandana to defy the smoking blaze
Up Fifteen flights he went with the danger closing in
Brought down the helpless and went right back up again


With one red bandana and that eight year old smile
The many lives he saved when he walked his last mile

He followed the lead of the great men before him
Caught in the gust of their second wind
His heart conceived when he heard an angel reply
Have no fear and follow me.