Alison & Jeff Crowther Work With Writer/Director Matthew Weiss To Break A World Record

On July 16, 2018, Alison and Jeff Crowther and writer/director Matthew Weiss worked with roughly 100 volunteers to break a world record in Central Park.  With great energy and karma, they worked together to tie together a record number of red bandanas.  The final chain was measured by a surveyor to total 2.2 miles.

The idea was the brainchild of Weiss to to bring awareness to the many heroes of 9/11 including Welles Crowther (aka "the man in the red bandana"). International keynote speaker Ryan Avery with filmmaker Caz Rubacky recorded this historic event for an upcoming reality show entitled "Breaking History".

The prior 2014 world record was set in Spain with a total of 7,652, but was shattered by the Crowthers and their supporters with 10,982 being connected.  The total of 10,982 is significant as it represents the number of feet for the perimeter of the four sides of both World Trade Center towers.

World Record Red Bandana Chain

Shot of the 2.2 mile world record, red bandana chain.